Sheth J. N. Paliwala College focus on these ….

(Vision & Mission)

To create and provide facilities of quality higher education to the students coming from remote and hilly areas. To dedicate ourselves to the cause of comprehensive personality of our students and teach them for social upliftment by providing excellence in the academic and ethical education. To make available the expertise in various fields. Providing education to first generation learners, Adivasi’s and rural population. Higher education for all, without considering religion, caste, creed, financial status. To provide value based education…..Read More


Chemistry Start July 2020

Mathematics Start July 2020

Physics Start July 2020

Commerce & Accountancy Start July 2020

Accounting & Finance Start July 2020

Management Studies Start July 2020

Marathi Start June 2020

Economics Start June 2020

Geography Start June 2020