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The department of history was established in 1992. The department offered B.A courses in 1992 and M.A courses in 2016-17 in history. One of our staff member Principal Dr. S. C. Lahupanchang is M.Phil. and Ph.D. guide. Two students of M.Phil. and two students of history awarded Ph.D. degree under his supervision. The department believes in taking around the students at different historical places not only through books but physically as well. The pride of this department is the region where the college is situated in Raigad District. A very well known historical place in the records of Western Indian history. The department organizes various historic quiz competitions to encourage students which eventually results in the learning making curriculum more appealing for them. History is one of the specialization subjects and the number of students opting for it is increasing year by year. To make students more knowledgeable about our history the department organizes various tours to nearby historical places like forts and historic villages and the students with all the collected information of respective places make it an memorable event. Celebrating historical days is firmly followed by the department and the students willingly participate in it creating awareness of past events and also remembering the courageous people in past and paying a tribute to them. To provide student’s access to the diverse historical literature, the Department also has library with over 520 books.

Vision/ Mission /Objectives


  • To be the department of academic excellence with total commitment to quality education in History, Historical place and related fields, with a holistic concern for better life, environment and society.
  • Understanding the past in order to live wisely in a diverse and global community.


  • Empowering students with all the knowledge and guidance that they need to become worthy History professionals.
  • Imparting value framework global yet national.
  • Imparting value framework that is global yet national.
  • Developing social consciousness among students.
  • To prepare learners to live intelligently in a diverse and global community by teaching them to understand, analyze and interpret the past, evaluate critically the ways in which the past shapes the current world and develop the skills that allow them to communicate their knowledge and ideas effectively.


  • To help society develop a sense of their cultural heritage
  • Define, explore and explain major historical problems.
  • To encourage the student to study the glorious past of India.
  • To encourage the students to explore various methods of understanding History.
  • To acquire a knowledge and understanding of European and world history.
  • To give critical analysis of historical events.

Programs Offered

Programs Offered:

  • UG: B.A. Degree Course in History( duration 3 year)
  • PG: M.A Degree Course in History(duration 2 year)

Pattern of Teaching Learning and Evaluation:

Semester Credit System
I, II, III, IV, V, VI F.Y./S.Y./T.Y.B.A.
I, II, III, IV, M.A (I & II)


Name :Dr. Sudhakar Champatrao
Qualification : M.A., M.phil., Ph.D
Designation : Principal
Head of the Department
Experience : 30 Years
Email :
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Name : Dr. Suresh V. Patharkar
Qualification : M. A., B.Ed., Ph.D.
Designation : Assistant Professor
Email :
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Name : Dr. Ankush M. Sohani
Qualification : M.A., B.Ed., M.Phil., Ph.D.
Designation : Assistant Professor
Email :
Name : Mrs. Sarita D. Deshmukh
Qualification : M. A.
Designation : Assistant Professor
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Annual/ Activity Planning (2022-23)

Sr.No Month Activity Planning
1 June
  • Department of Meeting & Minutes
  • Work distribution
  • Teaching Plan
  • Lesson Note
  • Time Table
  • Total Student Roll Call list & classification of students
2 July
  • Welcome to F.Y BA Student
  • History day celebration
  • Lecture start of UG classes
3 August
  • T.Y BA Result Analyses
  • Start of PG classes
4 September  Internal Evaluation of UG & PG classes
5 October
  • Research project for student
  • Preparation of Question Banks
  • Submission of Action Taken Report to I & AC
  • Visit to Historical places
6 November
  • Department of Meeting & Minutes
  • Lecture start of UG & PG
7 December
  • Submission of Action Taken Report to I & AC
  • Visit to Historical places.
8 January Lecture start of PG
9 February
  • Shiv Jayanti Celebration
  • Exam Committee online Meeting
10 March UG student project for university
11 April PG student project for university

Academic Calendar & Time Table

Best Practices

  • Welcome Function for the New-Comers
  • Fare-Well Function for the Senior students
  • Celebration of Birthdays of students
  • Shiv Jayanti and VI. KA. Rajwade Jayanti celebration.
  • Financial Assistance to the needy students
  • Financial help to students and family members of staff.
  • Study Tours

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