Gender Policy

Gender Policy

Gender policy

Our college stands for access and equity. It firmly believes that there should be no gender based discrimination all its services. This gender policy has been frame to ensure that there is no gender- based discrimination in the college. This also ensures gender equality and equity both at organization as well as program level. The rationale for integrating a gender perspective in the activities of the college lies in the mandate of constitution of our country.


This policy is not specifically women but all. A gender perspective encompasses the specific needs of individuals, vulnerabilities and capacities are recognized and issues are addressed at proper forums.


  • Creating equal opportunities for all gender.
  • To build a gender sensitive and inclusive campus.
  • To prevent sexual harassment at workplace.
  • To undertake the awareness programmes on gender sensitization.
  • To sensitize the students towards the special needs of all genders
  • The gender policy is an integral part of the organization to build a culture that understands the issues and policies which respect gender related concerns and diversity.

Gender Audit

The college will conduct gender Audit to achieve the following objectives.

  • To find out areas where gender imbalance exists and factors behind it.
  • To establish a robust gender balance in decision making processes in all areas of the college activities
  • To prevent sexual harassment in the premises and beyond.
  • Suggest corrective measures for bridging the gender gap.
  • To foster gender equality in college campus.

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