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The department of Marathi was established in 1994. We had various new activities, both curricular and extracurricular initiated by our enthusiastic students. The department has consistently striven to provide quality teaching to students who are drawn to the college from all over the state. In terms of resources and infra-structure too. The department has a good collection of high-quality books in the College library- some purchased and others donated by alumni as well as other well-wishers. It also has a fair number of quality CDs related to literature that enables us to arrange screenings for students from time to time. Our department has started remedial teaching as well as Slow and advanced learning program for T.Y.B.A. students. Our department student Miss Shwetali Suryakant Patil achieve Gold Medal in TYBA Marathi examination from University of Mumbai in the academic year 2015-16
The Marathi Literary association provides a forum to the students for extra and co-curricular activities such as Poetry readings, elocution, dramatics, debates and essay writing.

Vision/ Mission/ Objectives


  • To be the department of academic excellence with total commitment to quality education in Language and Literature and related fields, with a holistic concern for better life, environment and society.


  • Empowering students with all the knowledge and guidance that they need to become worthy Regional Language professionals.
  • Learning through Doing
  • Imparting value framework that is global yet national.
  • Providing for holistic and value based development of students which ultimately enhances their employability.
  • Developing social consciousness among students.


  • To develop all round personality of the students by the study of Marathi language and literature for the national integrity.
  • To help the students to know about various literary currents and cross-currents in Marathi literature.
  • To develop research culture among the students research projects.


Name : Mr. Yashwant D. Bhandkoli
Qualification : M.A. NET,SET (Marathi)
Designation: Assistant Professor
& HOD Marathi
Email :
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Name : Mr. Dnyaneshwar G. Mundhe
Qualification : M. A., B.Ed.,
NET (Marathi)
Designation: Assistant Professor
Email :
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Programs Offered

Programs Offered:

  • B. A. 6 Unit
  • Marathi M. A.

Pattern of Teaching Learning and Evaluation:

Semester Credit System
I, II, III, IV, V, VI F.Y./S.Y./T.Y.B.A.
I, II,III,IV M.A. (I & II)

Program/ Specific Program Outcomes

Program outcomes

Program outcomes On completion of  the program:

No Title
PO1 Understand the Literary history, Linguistics and applied linguistics of Marathi.
PO2 Gain knowledge about impact of Western literature on Marathi literature and the study of western literary theories.
PO3 Understand new developments in literary studies, Literature for the media, Study of writing for films.
PO4 Acquire the knowledge about applied criticism.
PO5 Develop an ability and interpretation, evaluation of literary text and apply the knowledge gained thing literature in real life.

Specific Program Outcome

No Title
PO6 Understand the theories and approaches to language studies and literature studies.
PO7 Learn the concept of development and genesis of literature.
PO8 Understand the various branches and types of Ancient, Medieval and Early Literature.
PO9 Gain knowledge about Prose literature: Ancient, Medieval and Modern.
PO10 Learn the Genres in Marathi literature, Study of various trends in and influences on literary study.

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