List of Research papers published in UGC-CARE listed journals (2017-18)

Sr. No. Title paper Name of the author/s Department of the teacher Name of journal ISSN number View
1 Measurement of composition of flue gas generated using different industrial fuels Mrs. A.S. Puranik Chemistry Review of literature Vol 4 /Issue 4 ISSN 2347-2723 View document
2 Simultaneousdetermination  of pareacetamol and Mefenamic acid in tablet dose formed by HPTLC Dr..M.A.Badgujar Chemistry National conference on research and development in synthetic organic chemistry IJSRST-vol:3 issue10 ISSN-2395-602x(online)    ISSN-2395-6011 (print) View document
3 Green chemistry approach towards the synthesis of Anils from to-hydroxy3-methoxybenzenealdehyde,synthesis of their metal complexes and charecterization Dr..M.A.Badgujar Chemistry Research journal of pharmaceutical, biological and chemical science. ISSN-0975-8585 View document
4 DilipPurushottam’s view of the Saga of SantTukaram. D.G.Mundhe Marathi Shodhankan ISSN- 2250-0383 View document
5 Dangani dilect of mahadev Koli tribals Y.D. Bhandkoli Marathi Fadaki ISSN 2319-6033 View document
6 Geographical habitat livelihood and development through tourism of tribe of mahadev koli tribe of Maharashtra Shri. Y. D. Bhandkoli Marathi Scholarly research journal for interdisciplinary studies ISSN-2319-4766 Impact factor 6.177 View document
7 Contribution Yashwantraochavan in Social ,Economic and Educational work Dr.S.V.Patharkar History Power of knowledge ISSN – 2320-4494 View document
8 Study of new trends in insurance sector P.M. Wadekar Commerce Arhat multidisciplinary international education research journal 48178,48818 vol- VII Special Issue XVIII View document