About Department

The Department of Geography was established in the year 1992, The year courses were started by this department in 1992.The department organizes study toor everyyear to expose the students to varius geographical places. Not only through books bust also physically and mentally. The students separate the data obtained by conducting a social and economic survey of the villages near the department college and submit a report on it.

This increases the knowledge fo the students about the rural area,Simiarly,the awareness of the study of asking questions and people’s lifei is creaded in the minds of the stueents.Geograohy department is more attractive to students because, students get innovative knowledge in the sunject. In which survey is done through GIS,Remote Sensing, MobileTopographer App,Topo Map,the Weather Map. At the same time , students get the knowledge of how to work on Word and Excel seat coputers. At the same time time, small kt dams have, createdby plantimg trees in the area around the department. The department has a separate libray In which 389 books & journals are available. 4 computers are provided to the students. The departments have topographical maps,meterological maps,different typs of political,social,economic maps as well as thermometers,barometers,globes, types of rocks and minerals and their charts.

There are various types of such instruments inthe Geography department. Most ofthe students from the department are working in different fields after passing out. And that makes the department proud of him. The department organized state level, national and international level conferences. Along with this, the department has also organized varius workshops and certificate courses.

Introduction to Geography

Geography Department established in 1992. The location of Pali City which is located near the Amba river & sudhagad Fort. Pali also known as Therefor Geographical study of Pali at the Economic point of view such as fishing, saltpan, Agricultural. Another important is that Pali has historically and geographically background such as Sudhagd,Srasgad Tail Baila fort is situated in the Uran. The main intention of the Department is that the practically study of above factors for sustainable development in future.

Vision/ Mission /Objectives

Understanding the mysterious mother earth for update knowledge and sustainable development of mankind.
“The vision of the department is the social well being of the society and mankind and to acquire the geographical knowledge by human welfare approach for the development of the society.”

  • To democratize the education.
  • To provide accessibility towards higher education.
  • To impart quality education

During 1992 Geography subject was started at pre-degree Arts and Commerce level. In Geography Department was established, when Geography was introduced at special level. Since the academic year 1999 the subject was started at TYBA leval.On behalf of Univercity of Mumbai. our department successively conducted 3 National, International & State Level Conference.Also Organised Revised Syllabus workshop by the Department.

A vision to impart the knowledge of Geography and make aware the students about new avenues and opportunities available in the field of Earth sciences in general and Geography in particular. It was also intended to create awareness among the students regarding protection of nature ,environment,utility and significance of Geography in the social context.

Enabling the students to understand mother earth and the environment meaningfully and make them realize the necessity of sustainable development

Goals and Objectives

  • To develop scientific attitude and a sense of observation.
  • To develop the skill of the map reading and interpretation.
  • Motivate to preserve the environment and make world a better place for living.
  • To understand India’s natural resources and utilize them for national development


Name : Dr. Sarjerao Anandrao Patil
Qualification : M.A.,Ph.D
Designation : Assistant Professor
Head of the Department
Experience : 24 Years
Email :
Name : Prof. Mrs.Megha Atish Baikar
Qualification : : M. A., B.Ed.,
Designation : Assistant Professor
Experience : 1 Years
Email :

Research – Project & Publications

Sr. No Title Funding Agency Amount
1 A Geographical studies of tourist places in sudhagad tahsil Mumbai University 25000/-

Research – Department Result

Year Department % College% University %
2015-2016 81.63 73.40 NA
2016-2017 91.83 70.47 57.39
2017-2018 72.88 60.37 NA
2018-2019 31.57 26.88 NA
2019-2020 92.59 96.62 NA

Students Strength

Year Male Female Total

Departmental Highlights

The Department has been carried out field work, village surveys, over the past years, the faculty has produced a number of research papers. Our Departmentgives introduction to student about basic of new Techniques like Remote sensing, GIS, GPS, SPSS Analysis. This is helpful to Student for Carrier.

Teaching-Learning Process

  • Preparation of Teaching Plan.
  • Unitization of Syllabus.
  • Record of Synopsis of every lecture.
  • Endorsed by Principal.
  • Feedback on Completion of Semester.

Programs Offered

Programs Offered:

  • UG: B.A./F.Y.B.Com Degree Course in Geography ( duration 3 year)

Pattern of Teaching Learning and Evaluation:

Semester Credit System
I, II, III, IV, V, VI F.Y./S.Y./

Teaching Methods

Lecture Method (Supplemented by) ICT Methods Learning Beyond Classrooms
Interactive Method Power Point Presentations Village Surveys
Seminars Audio Visual Shows Educational Visits
Group Discussions Use of Internet Projects
Assignments and Tests Use of OHP Case Studies

Remedial Courses

Empowerment of Diversified Learners through Enrichment and Remedial Courses

Types of the Learners Objectives Methods
Slow Learners To enhance the basic knowledge of the subject and bring them into main stream Tutorials, tests, home assignments, extra lectures, counseling, motivation, map reading
Medium Learners To upgrade their knowledge to do better in academics Tutorials, tests, group discussions, map reading and map filling
Advanced Learners To accelerate the performance and  to do better in the examination and overall personality development Tutorials, tests, seminars, projects, workshops, map interpretation, model building, chart presentations and use of computers


Sr.No. Name of the alumni Destination
1. Joshi Sarita Daluram Teacher
2. Kadave Kunal Pramod Corporate sector
3. Naik Chandan Kacher Business
4. Panchal Nitin Maruti Corporate Sector
5. Railkar Vaibhav Chandrakant Teacher
6. Survase Shital Shripat Lecturer
7. Patil Vaibhav Vishnu NAD
8. Mhatre Sameer Shankar Teacher
9. More Bhagyoday Bhaskar Corporate Sector
10. Parte Ravindra Balkrushna Police
11. Patil Kamini Rajendra Teacher
12. Devre Swapnil Laxman NAD
13. Gawand Abhjit Mahesh Bank
14. Gharat Vinayak Sudhakar JNPT
15. Gondhali Sujata Harishchandra Music Teacher
16. Mhatre Madhavi Kamlakar Advocate
17. Thakur Ranita Jayram Teacher
18. Bhoir Nutan Bhalachandra Liberian
19. Koli Priyanka Ramchandra Teacher
20. Mhatre Kajal Narayan Advocate
21. Mhatre Reshma Shriram Advocate
22. Mhatre Smita Janardan  (Ph) Clerk
23. Bhoir Jagruti Padmakar Teacher
24. Bhoir Rupali Ramesh Teacher
25. Kothari TAnmay Vinod Business
26. Patil Nikhil Rajendra Business
27. Bhuvan ?Bhuvan GAjanan JNPT
28. Mhatre Akshya Bhaskar Teacher
29. Mhatre Aprana Mangaldas Police
30. Mhatre Dipesh Laxman JNPT
31. Sabale Rahul Govind NAD
32. Vartak Kavita Ashok Teacher
33. Patil Ashwini madhukar Teacher
34. Patil Dikshita Ganesh Teacher
35. Nashir Shekh Advocate
36. Sana Shekh Teacher
37. Heena Sarvaiyya Teacher

Innovative Practices/ Future Plans/ Departmental Activities

Future Plans

  • Strengthening of Existing Programmes
  • To Organize National Level Seminar /Conference
  • To Organize Workshop regarding Syllabus
  • To Undertakes a Minor Research Project at the department
  • Organization of one Days Workshop on GIS Software Introduction
  • Setting of Geography Observatory

Innovative Practices

  • Geographical Quiz Competition
  • Geographical News Reading
  • Geographical Tour
  • Village Survey
  • Guest Lectures
  • Geographical Film Show
  • Participation in Avishkar Research Convention
  • Participation in Poster Competition
  • Expert Lecture Series
  • Celebration of Geography Day
  • Parent-Teacher Scheme
  • Parents Meetings

Departmental Activities

  • Geography Day Celebration
  • Environmental Day
  • Farewell Programme
  • Carrier Guidance for Competitive Exam (NET, SET) and Other-
  • T.Y.B.A. Geography Seminar
  • Socio-Economic Survey
  • Study Tour

Instruments and other Resources

Sr. No Name of the Instrument
1 Prismatic Compass
2 Abney Level
3 Plan Table Survey Set

Leaning Resources /Maps and Atlas

Sr. No Title of the Maps/Atlas
1 World Political Map
2 World Physical Map
3 India Physical Map
4 World Outline
5 India Outline
6 Maharashtra Outline
7 Topographical Maps
8 Weather Map
9 Thematic Map Sheets

Photo Gallery